Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter and other Spring Stuff...

We had a great Easter! The Easter bunny came and brought stuff for their buckets. Isaac like using his beach bucket to collect eggs at the hunts we did, so we just went along with that.
More important than that, Isaac learned about what Easter is really about this year. Our church does a great job with kids, and his teacher, Mrs. Heidi, taught him about Jesus dying on the cross and rising again because He loves us! He's been talking about it all week!

This weekend we found a park that we'd never been to before. It's really awesome! If you come visit we'll take you there! Isaac's a really good climber and Jude really likes the water! Here are some pictures from that.

Jude is just starting to cruise (walk while holding on to furniture) a little bit. He's figured out how to climb the stairs! He's also eating. A lot! I'm ready for really warm weather so I can take them both to a big field and let them run!