Thursday, October 14, 2010

Haiti (Yes, again.)

I really don't even know where to start on this post. I don't feel like my writing can do my heart justice. If you know me and Ben or if you've ever read this scrawny blog of ours you know we love Haiti. We love to travel, yes. We love other cultures, yes. We love the beach, yes. But Haiti has our hearts wrapped up in a dirty, broken bow.

I think I'm ready to confess that I'm obsessed. I read blogs of people the live there, ministries that are on going there, news articles about Haiti (though, I'm afraid they've slowed a bit since January). We've known we wanted to go to Haiti for at least 2 years now, but just financially didn't know how to do it. We still want to go, but financially can't really afford to take that out of our budget even still. Nursing school (assuming I get in) will take up much too much of my time starting in June. Now is the time to go. We've saved/raised/been blessed with enough for plane tickets, ( :-))))) and we are in the process of contacting and talking to people to see when the best time to go will be.

I'm asking for your prayers. We aren't sure of a lot of things yet. A LOT of things. But we know we want to be there for about a week. We want to see a lot in that week and we want to meet a lot of people. Please let us know if you are praying for us by commenting or emailing us. For some reason we've generally kept this dream to ourselves and a very few people, but we've been really convicted about that lately. This is God's story through us. We are convinced of that, and it's selfish to not share what He's doing in our lives.

Thanks for walking this with us!
With much love,
Lindsay and Ben
Just a little overdue for an update on our little pod over here. :)

The Judester is 3 now. We still have the occasional kicking, screaming, rolling on the floor temper tantrum, but those are slowly and thankfully diminishing. The 2 of us still spend most of our days together and I'm really appreciating and cherishing this time I have with him. He's learning some letters and he's drawing pictures other than tornadoes now. I'm keeping a baby now 2 days a week and I think Jude really likes having someone younger than him around. The baby's only eight months old, but they really like each other. It's pretty sweet. I am so super proud of him.
'Self Portrait'

Isaac is growing up entirely too fast for me. (Uh-hu-huuuuuuh. Tear.) I just don't know what to do. He's 6 years old. He can read. He's the most brilliant 6 year old artist/ inventor/ super hero. Two days ago he drew, cut out, glued together and colored a 2 foot tall robot completely on his own. I don't have a picture yet, but I will. It's hanging on the wall. It's so perfect. And he loves his Mama. I am so proud of how he loves school and works so hard. We have parent-teacher conference next week and I'm actually really excited about it. This year I haven't gotten to spend much time around his classroom as I feel like I did last year for whatever reason. So far he's pretty good about telling me things they do during the day.

'Machine that turns dirt into fire'

Ben is fast on his way to becoming a real architect. We'll announce it to the world when he gets his official paper framed and our wall. :) I am, of course, incredibly proud of him. He's worked really, really hard and deserves some recognition like that in my opinion. He is trying to lend his expertise to the situation in Haiti. We'll hopefully have more information on that later. The boys anticipate Daddy coming home all day. They scream "Daaadddyyy!" when he walks in the door and a wrestling session ensues. It's pretty awesome. Lots of love happening at the Rossetti house. :)

I come close to winning the 'most new things happening in a 2 month span' award. I found Mercy Health Center a few months ago and I've been waiting on an open volunteer position ever since. It's a free clinic here in Athens. Take a look at the website and you'll see how awesome it is. Last month a position opened up and now I'm a check-out volunteer. I retrieve the patients medications from the pharmacy, check out with the patient, make sure they understand what they are getting and that they don't have any questions. I love it there! It's on Wednesday mornings so Jude goes to hang out with a friend of mine and her kids or to his MMO school (which he loves!). Also, I've turned in my application for nursing school again. This time I'm a little more hopeful of getting in. My GPA is better. I have more classes under my belt and I included a lot more of my life stories in my application package. And lastly, as I've mentioned, I'm keeping baby Clayborne 2 days a week. He's such a sweet baby and a joy for Jude and I to play with.

Whew. I'm sure there are things I've missed, but that seems like a pretty good update for now. Everyone is really excited about Halloween around here, and Jude had us listening to Christmas music yesterday for a bit. Bring on the holidays!!!!