Thursday, October 14, 2010

Haiti (Yes, again.)

I really don't even know where to start on this post. I don't feel like my writing can do my heart justice. If you know me and Ben or if you've ever read this scrawny blog of ours you know we love Haiti. We love to travel, yes. We love other cultures, yes. We love the beach, yes. But Haiti has our hearts wrapped up in a dirty, broken bow.

I think I'm ready to confess that I'm obsessed. I read blogs of people the live there, ministries that are on going there, news articles about Haiti (though, I'm afraid they've slowed a bit since January). We've known we wanted to go to Haiti for at least 2 years now, but just financially didn't know how to do it. We still want to go, but financially can't really afford to take that out of our budget even still. Nursing school (assuming I get in) will take up much too much of my time starting in June. Now is the time to go. We've saved/raised/been blessed with enough for plane tickets, ( :-))))) and we are in the process of contacting and talking to people to see when the best time to go will be.

I'm asking for your prayers. We aren't sure of a lot of things yet. A LOT of things. But we know we want to be there for about a week. We want to see a lot in that week and we want to meet a lot of people. Please let us know if you are praying for us by commenting or emailing us. For some reason we've generally kept this dream to ourselves and a very few people, but we've been really convicted about that lately. This is God's story through us. We are convinced of that, and it's selfish to not share what He's doing in our lives.

Thanks for walking this with us!
With much love,
Lindsay and Ben

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Cindy @ Barkley Hall said...

If I ever knew that you had this blog....somewhere in my wild adventure that included my brain....I forgot it. I am so sorry and I apologize. It was my loss. I could have been keeping up with all of you....watching the boys grow.....but most of all I missed specific opportunities to pray for you when you needed it and that is something that breaks my heart. Much love!