Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bethlehem Ministries

Last year Ben was invited to help with the design of a clinic in Terrier Rouge, Haiti. Here is a link to the Clinique Esperance et Vie. It's amazing how God has developed in us a heart for these people we have never seen in person. Bethlehem Ministries began about 24 years ago and now they have a working school and a working clinic in a small village in Haiti. We recently received an email from Berry, the founder of Bethlehem Ministries, asking for help again. The clinic is now open and running in full swing. The problem is that they have no electricity. They are in need of solar panels to run the various components that you would expect a clinic to need: autoclave to sterilize the surgical tools, fans and air conditioning (y'all it's MS hot down there), ummm lights, you know that kind of stuff. Here is a link to a video that they have put together. $15,000 sounds like a lot to our family and to all of you probably, but to all of us together? Maybe we could make a dent in that so that Berry doesn't have to hold the flashlight anymore. And did you notice that awesome building my hubby helped design?

I'll have an update on the boys soon. They are growing so much!


Emily said...

You're BOTH famous!

Shawna said...

Um, you think it might be time to update your blog yet???