Friday, March 26, 2010

So it's been a while...

So I thought I would check and see what our blog was looking like these days. Turns out if you don't write new posts, they don't get posted! Who would have thought?!

I find it very fitting that my last post was about Bethlehem Ministries. Since January 12 I've been so incredibly unsettled. Ben and I have a special, unexplainable love for Haiti. Since the earthquake, that love has increased substantially. We don't know any Haitians. We have NEVER been to Haiti. But for a reason only He knows, God has given us a heart for these people.

Below is a list of links to blogs or organizations that I've been following since January. The rainy season is here for Haiti. There are thousands and thousands of people sleeping under sheets. SHEETS people! Pray for them. Pray for light rain in that city. Keep praying for the hurt. Be thankful for your house, your bed, your family, your safety. Pray for the Haitians without those things. Pray for the Americans without those things.


Livesay Family

Bethlehem Ministries


Real Hope for Haiti

Also, Bethlehem did receive the money necessary to purchase solar panels for the clinic (see last post). They were purchased and installed just in time to receive and care for refugees from Port au Prince. Praise God!

And since it has been so long since my last update on the boys, here is a photo of my little men for your viewing pleasure.Isaac is absolutely the most brilliant 5 year old known to man. :) And Jude is fabulously following in his brothers footsteps. Every. Footstep. And maybe he's adding a few to the walk. :) They are seriously so wonderful.

Have a wonderful Easter!


Cindy said...

They are so cute!!!! And so big!!!

I will continue to join you in prayer for the people of Haiti. I know that God has something special in store for you and Ben.

I miss you so much!

Love you all!

Jennifer said...

I am just absolutely shocked that yall have been doing this blog thing that i had no idea about. good job!! love the pictures and comments. love it!!! and love yall but dont be getting any thoughts about traveling away to haiti or yall going to see the Rath Of Rossetti!!!!!!! love u